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Based on this report the Japanese launched 11 reconnaissance aircraft before dawn to locate Force Z, 86 bombers from the 22nd Air Flotilla based in Saigon were launched carrying bombs or torpedoes. 

The first attack began  when 250 kilograms (551 lb) bombs were dropped from eight G3Ms from an altitude of 11,500 feet (3,505 m). 

The battle cruiser was straddled by two bombs, then hit by a third which penetrated through the hangar to explode on the armored deck below.

This inflicted a number of casualties and damaged the ship's Supermarine Walrus seaplane, which was then pushed over the side to remove a fire hazard.

 Anti-aircraft fire damaged five of the Japanese bombers, two so badly that they immediately returned to Saigon. 

In the ensuing attacks, Repulse was skilfully handled by her captain, Bill Tennant who managed to avoid 19 torpedoes as well as the remaining bombs from the G3Ms. However, Repulse was then caught by a synchronised pincer attack by 17 Mitsubishi G4M torpedo bombers and hit by four or five torpedoes in rapid succession. The gunners on the Repulse shot down two planes and heavily damaged eight more, but the torpedo damage proved fatal. 

Repulse listed severely to port and quickly capsized with the loss of 508 officers and men.  The destroyers HMS Electra and HMAS Vampire rescued the survivors.

The wreck site was designated as a 'Protected Place'. 

Wreck on it's side, very impressive and very complete, large torpedo hole visible, penetration possible, loads of cannons still in place.

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