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The Fred Mercur was a wooden propeller built in 1882.  In July of 1925 she caught fire and burned to a total loss

On the morning  of  July 3 1925 the captain J.W. Scarrow & first mate noticed smoke wafting from the chain box. The captain Scarrow sounded the ship-in-distress signal on the whistle however there was no answer. He changed course and beached his ship on a rush bed just west of Stanley Island. Rene Cargrain vacationing at a nearby summer cottage heard the distress signal. He rowed out to the burning ship to rescue the crew. He made six trips before he had everyone safely on shore.

With 232 ft long by 35 ft wide , it is a beautiful wrecks that can be seen near Cornwall. There are a lot of fish and eels on the site. A clay wall runs along part of the wreck where eels find shelter .
The current is sometimes strong and the visibility is average.


Specific details

Ship Type Cargo
Construction year 1882
Build Place Union Drydock Co., Buffalo
Lost Date 1925 July 03
Length 70.7 m
wreck Cause fire
Closer city Cornwall
Min Depth 1m
Max Depth 14m
Ship Cargo coal
Current Strong



Ontario, Canada, North America



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