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The Eastcliffe Hall is a cargo ship which was built in 1954 in Montreal.On July 14, 1970 the Eastcliffe with a cargo of “pig iron”, struck a shoal and sank within minutes with the loss of 9 lives

The forward superstructure (upstream) has been dynamited back into the forward hold to clear the site as a navigational hazard. Though the surface current is quick, it becomes less on the wreck deck and the open holds provide additional shielding from the current. Normally, visibility is good and with your visit to the holds you will see the pilothouse, masts, living quarters as well as iron ingots that remain from the original cargo.
It is advisable to have a lamp to observe the wreck.
A generally strong current makes the descent quite difficult but visited the wreck , it decreases considerably

Eastcliffe Hall

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Ontario, Canada, North America



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