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The Vickery could be considered to  be one of the nicer wrecks in Brockville area.
The shipwreck is upright and relatively intact and sits on a side of the active shipping channel in 125 ft of water.
Current on Vickery ranges from mild to very strong and visibility seems to improve with the stronger current.
There is a buoy line wich divers can follow into a very quick surface current.
At the surface it's a very quiq current.
Diver can follow the buoy line ,located close to Rock Island Reef Light into a very quick surface current onto the shoal head in 25-30 ft. of water.

A.E. Vickery

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Specific details

Ship Type Schooner
Construction year 1861
Lost Date 1889 Aug.17
Length 136ft
wreck Cause ran aground
Closer city Brockville
Min Depth 60ft
Max Depth 120ft
Ship Cargo corn
Current Strong
Historic place


Ontario, Canada, North America



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