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Passionate about scuba diving and anything related to it, so we wanted to create a site that is designed specifically for the sale and trade of scuba gear and merchandise as well as listing great places to dive. We also know you may find it challenging to find a diving buddy at one time or another.

Our goal is to grow the site and make it scuba-friendly to those who are scuba divers as well as though who are wanting to provide services to divers. We have the website designed so you can easily find the different scuba diving locations, where to stay and the various diving services available.

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The site is divided up in easy to identify squares. Click on that particular square to learn more about that given topic, such as shipwrecks,cave or cenotes, sunken city & structures or diving instructors or diving equipment. Regardless of where you are located in the world, our site will have something to benefit you while you are enjoying your favorite pastime.

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Adding your own advertisement is simple as well. Just click “Post Advert” and you can tell us about shipwrecks, great places to dive or equipment you may be wanting to sale or trade. We also have sections for resorts, bed and breakfasts and other locations of interest for divers when traveling.

How We Stand Out

No other website offers a listing of shipwrecks or underground cities that you can explore on your next scuba diving adventure. We strive to offer thorough details so you will be prepared for your underwater adventure and so you can enjoy every dive.

Yes, there may be multiple sites that are dedicated to scuba diving, but you will only find one with its easy to read content and vivid details about places divers love to discover.

If it pertains to scuba diving, you will get the information that you need right here on our site. We believe going a step above and beyond to ensure that you have access to clear, concise information that will help you enjoy your hobby and continue to grow and prosper in your diving adventures.

We also want to be the source for businesses to showcase their offerings to those in the scuba diving community. When you advertise with us, you are taking your client base farther than land but also beyond the sea. Show what you have to offer and give them a reason to choose your location for their visit and their gear!

When it comes to all things scuba diving related, visit If you would like to comment, or you need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you!